2011 C&C 99

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If fast is fun, then sailing a CandC 99 will be more fun than you've had in a long time. She's a 32-footer that is race-ready with family and friends and cruiseworthy in civilized fashion, with undeniably rakish styling and a daring cockpit and deck layout. This is one sporty speedster...we'll understand completely when you order your hull in fire-engine-red.

ust a few numbers say a lot about the CandC 99's performance. The sail area-to-displacement ratio is 21.5, the righting moment is 883 foot pounds per degree, the "J" (foretriangle) dimension is 13 feet, and the area of the spinnaker, courtesy of an oversize 14-foot, 6-inch pole, is 1,026 square feet. Other vital ingredients of the speed recipe include an easily-driven canoe body with minimum wetted surface; a near-plumb bow to maximize waterline; a deep, balanced spade rudder; a high-lift-foil keel for windward efficiency.

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