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Yachtworld.Ltd Boat Sales & Tourism C0.

We are a long established family company starting in 1945

We now have many employees and run a succesful shipyard and charter company.

We are now the number 1 company in our area and around Turkey. We are the only broker in Turkey that has an English Partner and this allows us to build a good relationship not only in a business sense but also a personal sense. We do not sell you a boat and disappear we are there for you whenever you need us 24hours a day 7 days a week!!!!

Do you need a second hand or new yacht, motor sailor, catamaran,Fast Ferry, Passenger boat, Restaurant boat, Tanker, tug, fishing boat,Cargo ships, or cruise ship in fact any kind of boat in any material, steel, aluminium, wood, composite, fibreglass all with the latest designs and technology.

We have thousands of boats available secondhand all of the highest quality and at great prices to fit any budget.
Our new build boats can be built to any worldwide class that you require and to your own full specification and in a relatively short time.
We can also help with your finances by allowing you to pay in installments this is a first for Turkey.
Turkey is a boaters paradise and has a little secret that we need everyone to know. THE PRICE!!!! we build here for around half the price of Europe to the same or higher standards.
Please be very careful when dealing with brokerage firms in Turkey as not everyone is what they seem. Pay attention when you recieve information as the photographs may be old and not as the boat is now.They also will offer the boat for a much higher price than the owner is asking. Also many people will promise to build your dream or refit and they dont have the knowledge or the experience to do the job. We have references and boats that we have built and worked on to show you and you are welcome to come and visit whenever you like. Our registration process and control checks on every boat we sell, are very intensive. We use the ex harbour master as part of our team to ensure that any boat that we sell is free of any problems such as tax, debts, bank problems and credit. This gives you peace of mind that the boat you will purchase will be free and ready to go.
Welcome to Paradise in Turkey

As many of our customers have already done, dont wait any more to make your nautical dreams come true.

In Turkey the weather is always warm, so you will be able to enjoy your boat all the year round even winter.

About Us :

We are a family company from the beautiful village of
37 km from the busy and popular holiday resort of Marmaris on the Aegean Coast of Turkey… We are now based in central Marmaris as we find we can offer a much better service to our clients from this location.

Our family has been working with people from all around the World since 1945, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and our main priority which is customer care.

Our company has many aspects that you maybe interested in now or in the future and we are more than happy to help if you so require in the many diverse opportuntites that are on offer here and around the whole of our beautiful country.

Yachtworld Ltd is a family company created in 1945, specialized in building all types of boats to international standards, now using the newest

Technologies in wood, laminate, epoxy, fiberglass,
composite, aluminium or steel, more than 500 boats built or sold so far…

Below are some of the main aspects of our company and we would appreciate it if you can take the time to read what we can offer you…!!!

1) New&Used Boat Sales :

a ) We specialse in new and used boat sales and we can act as your broker for all your sailing needs right from you purchasing or building your boat through to mooring and chartering if you so wish.

We have many new and secondhand boats for sale ranging from yachts and cataramaran, motorboats,fishingboats,fireboats through to event /party boats, ferries, tankers, tug boats and all commercial boats. We can find any size ,materials, type, any budget.

For all our boat sales and purchases we also use a Professional team of lawyers and translators that can help you with all the legal advice and paperwork.

We also have an extremely strong partnership with a high profile shipbuilding company who can cater to all your personal and specific needs,with full up to date technology

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and design in all the latest available products. Also we can build you a new boat any size , any materials, any type , any budget.

Our design team are one of the best in Turkey and also can speak English so we make sure that we are with you every step of the way.

We use the international top quality standard materials and we can build with a cost of up to 50% less than you will find around the rest of the World. This is due to us not being in Europe and being able to source all our materials from within Turkey.

b ) If you wish to charter or sell your boat we can also make arrangements to do so. We arrange for your boat to be advertised for private charter to customers from around the World and can provide crew to do this.

c ) If you wish the sell your boat we can guarantee that we will advertise on all the top internet sites around the World and we do this free of charge.

d ) If you have a boat that needs repair or renovation we have the full means to help you with a very strong team of experts and professionals at hand.

e ) We can also arrange for any insurance that you may need as well as moorings in and around Turkey…

2 ) Holidays, Tours And Transfers :
a ) If you wish to holiday in Turkey , we can make full arrangements tailored to your personal wishes.

Wether you wish to have a natural back to nature camping holiday or a luxury private yacht holiday we can help to make your holiday dreams come true.

Wether you are on a tight budget or a once in a lifetime trip we are here to help you all the way, we can arrange a full package for you from plane tickets, airports transfers, hotel reservations, tours and car rental and any special requirements you wish.

b ) If you would like to book a tour whilst you are here on holiday we have vip tours available with fully Professional guides who are knowledgable in the history and culture of Turkey. They will also help you to find and buy any specialist items such as the very beatiful Turkish carpets and jewellery at the best prices.

c ) If you require any airport transfers we have partner companies that we can arrange to collect you in V.I.P vehicles and take you to your holiday destination. No more sitting on buses going from hotel to hotel, you will be delivered directly to your hotel from the airport in a luxury V.I.P fully aircontioned vehicle.

3 ) Property,Land Hotel and Business Sales

a ) If you wish to buy a property here in Turkey, we have an estate agency that can help you to acquire your dream holiday home , Land or business.

We are based mainly in Marmaris and the surounding areas but we also have contacts around the whole of Turkey if you require a property in a different area.

Wether you are looking for a 15 bedroomed villa with a full house staff or a one bedroomed apartment we have

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100’s of different properties for you to choose from or even a brand new modern prefabric house with full facilities. We also have a full team of lawyers and translators to help you with all the legal requipments that go along with buying a property.

b ) Land sales – There are many oppurtunities for land purchase here in Turkey wether you want to do so as an investment for the future , or you wish to build your own home, hotel or complex again as above we have a very good portfolio available to you.

c ) Hotel and Business Sales - We also have many hotels and businesses for sale from small cafes, shops, bars, boutique hotels through to large hotels. If you are looking to invest your Money into a business we are here to help.

d ) Our portfolio also provides full after sales care from helping you with running your business or looking after your property whilst you are not here. We can provide property management for you such as letting out your property Daily, weekly or monthly and paying any insurance and bills for you. Whatever you decide we ensure you peace of mind when you are not here.

4 ) Tourism Business Opportunities

If you are looking for a new business opportunity or an idea for investment, then you may be interested in the huge amount of business ideas that are open to you in Turkey.
a ) Bars and Restaurants, Clubs and Beach Clubs

There are always opportunities in Turkey to own your own bar or restaurant wether you want to start from scratch and open a brand new business or decide to buy an existing one .There are numerous bars and restaurants for sale or prime locations to open new ventures in areas such as Marmaris. If you want to invest there are many businesses available for partnership or complete ownership.

b ) Spa’s and Health Resorts

Relatively new to Turkey are Spas and Health Resorts although the traditional Turkish Bath is a very old and cultural place to go. They have never really been seen as part of tourism. How ever now there are spas and health resorts being built all around Turkey. The natural springs and hot springs have some of the top healing properties and international holidays to these places are a huge growing trend. Due to this fact this is a fantastic time to invest in this kind of business.

Whatever your dream business and place to live would be, the opportunies here are endless and we would be more than happy to advise and help you step by step.

5 ) Mining and Gold Mining

Turkey has a huge network of mines ranging from coal and stone right up to ores and precious metals such as gold.

So many people try their luck at gold mining in extreme conditions such as Alaska and Jungles but why do this when
Turkey can offer you good weather all year round, all the equipment you could ever need and experts at hand help you.

Not many people understand that some of the richest gold filled ground is here in Turkey and can be purchased for relatively cheap prices. So why not think about a completely diverse business opportunity and invest in a gold mine. We can again help you to fullfill this dream with full Professional advice and service.

Also if you have any further questionsd or require further information again email us and we will call you at the first opportunity.

Best Regards

Captain Kamil and Sue

Yachtworld Ltd From TURKEY/Marmaris

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