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December 18th 2014. By Lenny Rudow.

5 of the best party yachts

There is a party boat for everyone at Yachtworld brokerage. Party on!

There’s nothing like a good party for making great memories – and hosting a party on a yacht is your fast-track to creating something more than memories. It’s the stuff of myth and legend; epic Youtube videos and endless social media chatter. So here at Yachtworld, home of the planet’s most comprehensive brokerage listing, despite not having a dedicated ‘party boat’ search facility, there is something for everyone. So if you want to make like Wayne and Garth and take out dozens—or maybe even hundreds—of friends and family, then check out these options.


1. Ain’t no party like a cruise ship party

The price seems absurdly low at just £35million ($55million), but if you want to own a ship that most people dream about spending just one week on, the 30-year-old cruise ship from the Aalborg Vaerft dockyard could be for you. The 222-metre-long hull can do 21 knots with 1,452 passengers on board – the only problem is you’ll need to hire 660 crew to properly staff it.

Cruise ships make the best party yachts

If you are serious about making an impression via the medium of floating party palace, a cruise ship speaks volumes for your ambition!


Another plus is that she has had a colourful past: In 2005 she was temporarily taken out of service to house victims displaced by Hurricane Katrina before returning to duty plying the waters of the Caribbean. Then in 2014 she went to Sochi on the Black Sea for the winter Olympics, becoming a four-star hotel.

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2. Two hulls – better than one

If £4.7million ($7.5 million) is a more reasonable budgetary range for your next boat (and if you can get your guest list down to under 100) this 60-metre (197ft) catamaran cruise ship might be more appropriate. Your legendary status may not be guaranteed, but on the plus side, your fuel consumption will drop to a miserly 300 litres per hour at 14.5 knots.

Two hulls better than one

A twin-hulled party ship that won’t bankrupt you with the fuel and staff bills before the first guest even gets there.


While this 1999 build doesn’t have a particularly unique history, it does have a unique look. And at this price, it costs less than a new megayacht of the same size. It’s also SOLAS 2010 compliant, has Bureau Veritas Classification, and offers just about every amenity you can imagine.

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3. RSVP – Sincerity sailing superyacht 

Sailors who place quality over quantity would enjoy spending their party time aboard a boat like the Sincerity.

Baglietto Sincerity: party under sail

Baglietto Sincerity: party under sail instead of steam.


That’s especially true if you want to live like royalty; in 1978 Princess Caroline of Monaco and Philip Junot honeymooned aboard this boat. Built in 1928, the Sincerity is teak-planked over oak frames. Length overall is 30 metres (98ft) and  a 230hp Volvo brings her to a cruise of nine knots when the sails are down. The interior features mahogany paneling, bird’s-eye maple, a red-oak parquet sole, and Persian carpets. The crew on this boat will be serving wine and cheese—not beer and crisps.

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4. This Viking boat party is going berserk 

If your idea of revelry is storming distant shores with a party of tall, blond, axe-wielding raiders, this is the party boat for you.

Festive colourways: Viking Gokstad Drakar

The Viking Gokstad Drakar is a faithful recreation of a Viking longboat built from plans in a Norwegian museum. Plenty of party colour options with the shields on the outside…


The 23-metre (76ft) Viking Gokstad Drakar was built in 2007 out of tropical woods, in Brazil. The plans (located in a Norwegian museum) are from a longboat circa 890 AD. It can carry up to 95 passengers, has a pair of 125-hp diesel inboards (those Vikings were a lot more advanced than most people realize) and has a cruising speed of 7 knots. If the guests are misbehaving, simply shut down the powerplants and send them to the 16 rowing stations.

The Drakar is currently located in Trinidad and Tobago and considering that it was hauled, re-caulked, and painted with two-part epoxy in 2012, the £44,600 ($69,900) asking price sounds like a bargain.

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5. Premier Boundary 310 Skydek – Available for children’s parties!

Granted, the Premier Boundary 310 Skydek is barely big enough to serve as a tender on the other fantasy party boats we’ve just been looking at, and at a meagre £67k ($105,000) you’re advertising the fact that there’s no high-rollers in the house… But it’s impossible to discount this as a great party boat – it’s got a water-slide! Built in.

Available for stag, hen and children's parties?

The Premier Boundary 310 Skydek: An attainable fantasy and if you’ve got children, they’ll love you forever!


This 2014 model has fun written all over it, and it comes with everything you need for a totally proper party: a monster stereo with sub-woofer and six speakers, a pop-up changing room, a mini-galley, and seating capacity for 25 guests. Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

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